The electronic cigarette – your ally in the fight against smoking

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Most smokers out there want to quit smoking sooner or later, but for the majority this results in another failed attempt. Nicotine addiction, as well as the psychological dependence are aspects extremely hard to combat. However, those who are very determined to quit smoking have at their disposal a lot of healthier and safer methods to overcome their addiction. There is a large number of pharmaceutical products such as plasters, inhalers, tablets, or nicotine chewing gums, and of course then there is the electronic cigarette available in a variety of models, sizes, designs, and brands.

Most studies aimed to evaluate the success rate of pharmaceutical options, concluded that only a small percentage of 7-9% of the participants involved in the study managed to successfully quit smoking when aided by this type of products. Not surprisingly, this gives rise to the need to find new and more efficient alternatives in the fight against smoking. Electronic cigarettes manage to address two of the most important aspects of cigarette addiction. For one, the nicotine is delivered in different strengths and dosages, very easily controlled by the user. Secondly, e-cigarettes, seem to solve the psychological side by mimicking the habit of smoking.

Currently, the vaping market is filled with models which come from two different generations. The first generation of e-cigarettes came out in 2007 and consists of miniature small models who resembled the appearance of real cigarettes. This type of e-cigarettes, feature a battery of small capacity (180-200 mah) which generates a modest quantity of vapour. In 2010 came out the second generation of e-cigarettes. These models are bigger and feature batteries of higher capacity (over 750 mah). The higher power batteries, allows for a greater control over the device and generates generous quantities of vapour, in comparison to the older models.

Older studies by ECLAT ( EffiCiency and Safety of an eLectronic cigarette) investigating the success rate of first generation e-cigarettes, revealed that approximately 8% of participants were able to quit smoking. Although some level of success was recorded, these results are similar to the research regarding the efficiency of pharmaceutical alternatives. However, a new study conducted in Italy by Dr. Polosa in 2014 proposed to analyse the efficiency of second generation of e-cigarettes. For this study 50 hardcore smokers who wanted to quit where chosen, they all received second generation e-cigarettes. After a period of 6 months a reduction in cigarettes of over 50% was recorded for 30% of the participants. They went from smoking 25 cigarettes/day to 6 cigarettes/day. For 14% of the participants an 80% reduction was recorded (from an average of 25 cigarettes/day to an average of 3). The final results registered upon completing the study showed that 66% of the participants managed to quit smoking for good, while over 50% reduced their daily number of cigarettes. The results are encouraging and seem to link the chances of quitting smoking for good to the type of device used.

Another important aspect to consider is the benefit vaping has on the health. The vapour generated by e-cigarettes contains a controlled quantity of nicotine and a mix of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. None of these substances is carcinogenic. When choosing your e-cigarette, it is important to consider the authenticity of the device. Every successful product seems to be replicated sooner or later, and the vaping market is also no stranger to this. The majority of replicated products don’t come with the same efficiency as the original and usually breaks prematurely. An original product guarantees you can enjoy all its advantages, and in the case of malfunction you can always address the issue or any technical problems with the manufacturer.

Millions of people succeed in quitting smoking by having e-cigarettes as their main ally. The vapour generated by these devices outstandingly substitutes the smoke released by classic cigarettes, and satisfies nicotine cravings with strikingly less risks on your health. To fully make the most of your vaping experience we recommend you keep in mind that you should always buy genuine authentic products and choose the right device equipped with the latest technology.

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