Vaping during the Coronavirus pandemic

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In the context of any pandemic it is important everyone takes extra precautions into considerations, including the vaping community. The world witnessed a massive increase in the number of infected people since the pandemic has hit us and as of now around half a million lives have been lost worldwide as a consequence of the coronavirus.

Does vaping increase the risk of getting infected and spreading the virus?

There is no direct link between vaping and the spreading of COVID-19. It is known the coronavirus can spread mainly when people sneeze and spread infected saliva droplets into the air, or if you come into contact with infected surfaces. Vapers can spread the virus just like everyone else, and as long as you keep a safe distance when vaping so that the vapour does not reach anyone, you are good to vape.

How can vapers help stop the spread of COVID-19?

Every vaper can help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Here are some very simple and easy measures you can take to protect yourself and others. Although discussed more often during this pandemic, these measures should be encouraged  and practised more often, not just in the context of COVID-19.

  1. Wash your hands – follow the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on how to wash your hands correctly. This simple action can help save lives. If you don’t have access to clean water and soap, make sure you have ready an alcohol- based hand sanitiser.
  2. Clean your device – to contribute to reducing the spread of potential infectious germs through your vaping device, make sure you keep in mind these basic recommendations:
    1. Don’t share your device with anyone
    2. Make sure your hands are washed and clean before touching or using the device
    3. Reduce the contact your device has with items and frequently used surfaces
    4. Wipe the mouthpiece with an alcohol- based disinfectant, don’t forget this comes into contact with your lips approximately 200 times/day, you can also use disposable sterile silicone mouthpieces
    5. Make sure the e-liquid in the tank is changed regularly
    6. Transport your device safely and store it in clean places only
    7. If you don’t have the time to correctly take care of your device, consider using a single use type of device.
  3. Keep a safe distance – Centre for Disease Control (CDC) officials have made massive efforts to help stop the spread of the virus. They asked everyone to do a very simple and easy thing, just keep practising social distancing. Avoid crowded places and gatherings, and try keep a safe distance of minimum 6 meters when possible.
  4. Stop the spread – if you feel unwell, stay at home and self-isolate for at least 14 days. If you have to go to a public space to do shopping or get medical treatment, it is recommended you wear PPE, mask, gloves, and protective glasses.

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