All You Need To Know About The UK’s Vaping Laws

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Vaping is becoming increasingly more popular. Consumers are choosing to switch from tobacco products like cigarettes and tobacco pouches for the electronic alternative that has been deemed less harmful. Although the UK welcomes vaping, new rules and regulations have been established regarding their use.

First and foremost, would be the age restrictions, you must be 18 or over to buy an e-cigarette (EC) or e-liquids (EL). It is also illegal for adverts to show anyone under the age of 25 vaping, to discourage any minors from taking up smoking of any kind. Any shop owner found selling ECs or ELs to a minor can be fined up to £2500 as a result.

When it comes to vaping in public, there are no laws preventing their use in public places. This means there would be no legal repercussions for smoking a vape in a pub; however, many venues can and do apply their own rules which can prohibit the use of vapes. Wetherspoons pub chain is one example, they have introduced a nationwide vaping ban across all pubs in the country. Therefore, to use a vape you would need to go to the designated smoking areas. It’s always advisable to be considerate when in a public indoor place and always ask the staff what the policy is before starting to vape.

The same applies to public transport, although it is not considered illegal to vape on a train or bus, most companies do have rules and regulations that prohibit the use of vapes on board their vehicles and their stations. As you can expect, when flying there are more restrictions due to the nature of travel.

The physical act of Vaping while driving is also not illegal, but the effect it has on your driving can. If smoke obstructs your view, this could be considered driving without due care and attention. It’s always best to vape while safe doing so in an appropriate and considerate place.

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