Is Vaping more eco-friendly than smoking?

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In recent years, many people are choosing to quit their cigarette addiction and opt for Vaping instead. With the current climate of the world in mind and given our evolving eco-conscious culture, the growing popularity of Vaping begs the question; “is vaping better for the environment than smoking”?

Keep on reading to learn some tips on how you can do your part in Vaping in an eco-friendly manner.

The impact: Cigarettes VS Vaping

Deforestation: In the Tobacco industry, one tree is cut down for every 15 pack of cigarettes manufactured. Understandably, the decrease in trees leads to larger amounts of carbon dioxide being released in to the atmosphere thus, adding to the issue of global warming. Moreover, the deforestation is a detriment to wildlife all around the world which is causing devastating impacts on local eco systems and destroying communities who depend on this crop due to factors such as soil erosion.

Vaping, however, does not add to the issue of deforestation and the release of greenhouse gasses.

Litter: Approximately 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are disposed of and around half of these end up in landfill with the other half polluting our streets, soil and oceans. Contrary to popular belief, filters do not fully bio-degrade, rather they breakdown in to smaller plastics and release harmful toxins in to the land.

Opting to Vape instead means that you are helping to decrease the negative impact that cigarettes have on our planet.

Air pollution: It is well known that cigarettes fumes release thousands of harmful chemicals in to the environment. The air pollution they cause results a rise in people being more vulnerable to detrimental health conditions such as asthma and lung cancer.

Vaping, on the other hand, releases vapour instead of smoke and the low levels of chemicals that are released are below the acceptable environmental levels. In fact, Public Health England say Vapes are 95% safer than cigarettes.

All in all, a few tips you can take on board to assist in Vaping in an eco-friendly manner is to make sure you recycle your e-liquid bottles and Vape batteries. You can also protect the planet by turning your Vape off when not in use which will pro-long its battery life. If we all do our part we can protect our planet from the affects of smoking by choosing to Vape instead.


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