Is Vaping more eco-friendly than smoking?

In recent years, many people are choosing to quit their cigarette addiction and opt for Vaping instead. With the current climate of the world in mind and given our evolving eco-conscious culture, the growing popularity of Vaping begs the question; “is vaping better for the environment than smoking”? Keep on reading to learn some tips […]

A Quick Guide To Vaping

In recent years, the culture of Vaping is continuously growing at a high trajectory; with this in mind, if you’re interested in starting to Vape, you most likely have many questions regarding where to begin. Here at ParcelVape, we have created this guide in hopes that you will be fully equipped with the knowledge needed […]

All You Need To Know About The UK’s Vaping Laws

Vaping is becoming increasingly more popular. Consumers are choosing to switch from tobacco products like cigarettes and tobacco pouches for the electronic alternative that has been deemed less harmful. Although the UK welcomes vaping, new rules and regulations have been established regarding their use. First and foremost, would be the age restrictions, you must be […]