Many countries made the usage of e-cigarettes illegal, and in some of them it can be sanctioned to up to 10 years in prison. In 2018, India and Philippines joined Vietnam in introducing jail sentences for just packing an e-cigarette. In some areas of India e-cigarettes is completely banned. In Philippines, people who use such devices could be facing up to four months in prison, due to a recent interdiction that forbids using vaping devices and vaping in public spaces.

Lebanon, Cambodia, and Vietnam banned e-cigarettes, yet the possible sentences and sanctions remain unclear. Thailand however, imposed a sentence of up to 10 years for importing e-cigarettes on the territory. In other countries the sanctions for using vaping devices limit to confiscation and fining the culprits.

E-cigarettes are banned in the UAE, and Dubai airport is very popular for confiscating vaping kits and devices. Singapore, Indonesia, Oman, and Egypt have issued full interdiction of vaping devices. In South Africa, Malaysia, and the Australian state Queensland and Northern Territory only nicotine containing e-cigarettes are banned. There are some restrictions regarding e-cigarettes in the USA, Canada, as well as Turkey