Elf Bars

Here at ParcelVape, we pride ourselves on our huge selection of Vaping products from big-name brands. You can consider us as your one-stop shop for all things Vaping!

Being avid Vapers ourselves, we know how important quality is and our main aim is to provide our customers with nothing but excellence when it comes to their Vaping experience. You deserve the best of best and because of this, we only stock products from brands that offer great taste and consistency in all the Vaping products that they offer.

Since their establishment in 2018, ‘Elf Bar’ have become one of the most popular Vape brands around the world. With the company’s ethos centred around a healthier way of vaping; over the years they have conducted thousands of experiments to ensure they are able to deliver genuine, high-quality Vaping products. Through trial & error, they have discovered methods of creating their products with the lowest harm materials, all whilst delivering a pure taste.

Their pre-filled disposable Elf bars come in a wide range of vibrant colours, tasty flavours and puff count. However, don’t let their sleek and compact designs fool you; the constant voltage output offers a pure and stable taste to the last vape – meaning Elf bars deliver a satisfying throat hit and a mouthful cloud experience with every vape.

With our stock of unique flavours such as ‘pink lemonade’, ‘Cream tobacco’ & ‘Mango milk’, you are bound to find a product that meets your demand.