Geek Bar

Here at ParcelVape, we pride ourselves on our huge selection of Vaping products from big-name brands. You can consider us your one-stop-shop for all things Vaping!

You deserve the best of best, so we only stock products from brands who offer great taste and consistency in their Vaping products.

Since its establishment in 2015, ‘GEEK BAR’ has been providing Vapers with a convenient approach to Vaping. Best known for their disposable Vapes, they have become a household name in many countries around the world.

As self-proclaimed Vapers, they design their products whilst maintaining a commitment to quality standards in their manufacturing, all the way through to distribution. A company built around quality-conscious Vapers; they understand and care about how their products affect users’ health and taste preferences and this is prevalent in their GEEK BAR’s.

Irrespective of their passion for quality, their products do not lack whatsoever in other key factors such as taste and convenience. GEEK BAR’s are perfect for beginners and Vape enthusiasts alike due to the ease of use and compact, disposable design. Their Vapes provide massive, smooth yet potent, vapour clouds to allow for a satisfying Vaping experience every time.

Delivered in an array of colourways, a variety of desired puffs, and many delicious flavours, they allow users to maximise their options. If you’re after something sweet & tropical, try their ‘Mango Ice’ and ‘Kiwi Passionfruit’ flavours, or if you’re wanting to keep it simple, check out their ‘Tobacco’ one.

Have a browse through our selection of GEEK BAR’s bellow, you’ll be spoilt for choice.