Horizon Technology Limited Co., or Horizon Tech, are a market-leading e-cigarette brand with years of experience in e-cig innovation. Specializing in research and development, Horizon Tech is committed to consistently improving and innovating the vaping experience through research and experience. Horizon Tech continually develops their products and the brand to keep ahead of the market and stay fresh.

The safety and comfort of Horizon Tech’s customers are at the forefront of their product design. Combining easy to hold, comfortable, high-tech designs with an incredible flavour and cloud density, customers can experience the ultimate vape every single time.

With three different types of product available, there are many designs, colours and sizes available from Horizon Tech. The products are:

Sticks. Products such as the Magico Stick and Falcon Kit are awesome for new vapers or old timers alike. In a range of awesome colours and sizes, you won’t be able to take your eyes off these amazing vape sticks.

Atomizers. Horizon Tech has a wide range of awesome atomizers for any needs. The classic Magico or Falcon tanks are perfect for everyday use; there are more elite, luxury versions of these such as the Falcon-Resin or the Falcon-Resin Artisan Edition! On top of this, the Magico Replacement Pods, in a range of beautiful colours, are an essential addition to your collection.

Atomizing Core. These are essential to provide a smooth, flavorsome hit, every single time you vape. With a wide range of atomizing cores available, Horizon Tech have got you covered.