When the reason someone vapes is because they want to quit smoking, then it is appropriate to discuss and present the benefits of vaping and the positive impact it has on the health. However, no one is advised to simply start vaping for pleasure, as it is known our lungs purpose is to inhale only fresh and clean air. Therefore, everything else should be considered potentially harmful, toxic, and should not be included in someone’s everyday-habit.

Existing evidence suggests that vaping is indeed a great aid for someone who is decided to quit smoking, and the benefits associated are incomparable to the harm and damage smoking classical cigarettes does to the health. This is because the liquids used for vaping are composed from harmless ingredients found in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.

The process of vaping does not generate the thousands of carcinogenic chemicals smoking does. It is important to note that although nicotine remains a highly addictive substance and can be found on the list of ingredients used for manufacturing the liquids, the consumer always has the control over the nicotine dosage, and overtime this can be reduced to a percentage as low as 0.