Vaping is used by those who want to quit smoking or find it hard to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked daily.

Electronic cigarettes are devices who look similar to traditional cigarettes, or can very easily mimic the habit of smoking. For vaping devices, or e-cigarettes, all you need is the vaping liquid, or e-liquid, which is then released by the device as vapour. Generally, e-liquids contain different strengths of nicotine, however, this can also be at a 0%. Vaping does not imply the same burning process as smoking, and is therefore free from the thousands of carcinogenic substances, or the strong smell cigarettes generate. The vapour produced by e-cigarettes is significantly less harmful and safer than smoking.

This way, e-cigarettes offer a similar experience to smoking, and satisfies the nicotine cravings. The advantage of vaping is given by the fact that you only don’t inhale the thousands of chemical substances found in cigarettes.