Due to its excellent value for money and reliability, Innokin has become a popular brand making high-performance products. It is for the reasons that Innokin has for a very long time been considered to be market leaders all over the world for vaping technology.

Innokin has a central ethos which it aims to create products that are both environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is their concern over the environment which prompted them to create eco-friendly alternatives to the disposable e-cigs that were filling the market in the early days of e-cigs and vaping. Instead of selling a product that needed replacing constantly, Innokin developed a high-quality vape that could be used repeatedly and that was designed with longevity and durability in mind.

Innokin now produces a wide range of different vapes running from entry to mid-level vape kits, Innokin Vapes and Tanks as well as vape coils.

Innokin was actually one of the first vape brands to include additional supporting items along with their products. Many products in the Innoken range come with additional items such as cases, sleeves, drip tips, device stands and more. This shows that they have an interest in customer satisfaction and providing excellent service and value.

Innokin was one of the first vape brands to develop a top-filling tank. This saves a lot of the hassle and the mess involved in filling up your tank. Further developments in Innokin tanks have seen anti-leak and anti-flooding designs that further enhance vape tank technology.