Juccier E-Liquid

If you’re after something a little bit juicy in your atomiser then look no further than the Juccier e-liquid range. Jucicier vape specializes in fruity and sweet vapes that will leave your mouth watering and craving more. Their award winning e-liquids not only taste great, but they provide a fantastic cloud of vapour due to their high VG ratio.

Juccier Eliquid is available in the following tasty flavours: Black Lychee, Cool Berry Burst, Double Lemon Fizz, Fruit Candy, Melon-Berry Medley, Purple Blast, Strawberry Laces, and Strawberry Mango Crush. Why not try all of these flavours and see which is your favourite?

With gorgeous fruity flavours such as these and lots more, check out the entire range of Juccier vape e-liquid today.

Juccier Vape E-liquid all come in 50ml measures in a 60 ml bottle. That way, you can add a shot of nicotine to make up the liquid to the desired nicotine levels.

Juccier Vape is a very high VG product with a ratio of 70/30 VG/ PG. This means that you can enjoy a mellow and smooth pull on your atomiser. You can enjoy the sensation without the loss of taste too. Also, because of the high VG ratio, these e-liquids make for an ideal choice for vapers who what to take part in sub-ohm vaping because they will produce a beautiful plume of vapour.

To find out why Juccier vape is such a popular brand, why not buy Juccier e-liquid today?