Keep It 100 E-Liquid

Keep It 100 Eliquid is a popular brand of e-liquid that is made in the United States. Manufactured by Liquid Labs, Keep it 100 Vape is known for its flagship flavour; the Blue Slushie. If you’re looking for that classic refreshing blast of fruitiness that you associated with blue slushies, this is the e-juice for you.

In addition to the classic Blue Slushie, Keep It 100 E-liquid have produced several other fantastic flavours that will both excite and satisfy.

There is a wide range of different flavours available including fruits, beverages, candy blends, and desserts. There is bound to be something that will whet your appetite. And, with more flavours coming out all of the time, Keep It 100 is definitely a brand worth watching.

Every one of the Keep It 100 Vape e-liquids comes in a 100ml shoftfill bottle. They all contain 0mg of nicotine which means that you’ll need to add nicotine shots. You can determine how much nicotine you want by deciding how many shots to add.

With a high VG of 70%, Keep It 100 E-liquid is a smooth vape which is packed with lots of delicious flavour. Not only this, but it is also the ideal e-liquid for using for sub ohm vaping, given that it produces lots of luxurious vapour.

Buy Keep It 100 Vape E-liquid today to find out more about the why this brand are so popular. Check out the whole range of flavours and decide which one is your favourite e-liquid.