Lost Vape

In 2014, Lost Vape was established by creator Frank Guo. Creating this brand, Guo strove for excellence, luxury and class in the world of vaping. The products were all designed for customer comfort, centering the customer experience and innovating incredible products based on the needs of vapers around the world. This worldwide selling brand have been at the top of their game since their conception in 2014.

Lost Vape is a global company. Having designed the first ever DNA chipset pod system, Lost Vape kits are the real deal. In addition, Lost Vape is committed to workplace safety, pioneering a secure working environment in all their factories. Lost Vape have a zero tolerance policy on debt-bonded labour, and care deeply about workers and customers alike.

Lost Vape’s commitments do not end there. They are committed to promoting a healthier alternative to smoking by producing user-friendly, safe vape pods and kits which anybody who is of legal age can use. Not only are Lost Vape kits and pods sleek and amazing to use, but they help anyone who has struggled with smoking addiction to find a healthier option for their lungs and heart.

Lost Vape began as an elite service which dealt in high end, luxury vaping experiences. In 2018, creator Frank Guo created Lost Vape Quest, which was a mission to help all vapers of different levels experience Lost Vape. Lost Vape Quest is a line of affordable, high quality vapes which make the brand more accessible to all vapers.