Marina Vapes

Marina Vapes is a well-known and successful e-liquid manufacturer that was founded in 2014 in Los Angeles, California. In the years that they’ve been creating great e-liquids, they have brought out some very popular vaping brands and products. Some of these include the fantastic Milkshake Man, Donuts E Juice, and Marshmallow Man.

In total, Marina Vapes makes over 20 different high-quality premium e-liquid lines. Across all of their ranges, there is a choice of over 50 different flavours. But the list is ever-growing. Buy Marina Vapes e-liquids today to find out why they’re so popular.

The L.A. company were the first to launch a donut line. Since then, popularity in these flavours has only risen and there is a growing market for donut flavours more than ten different brands out there.

Every flavour that we stock from Marina Vapes comes in a 60ml bottle. These have a VG ratio of 70% which makes them taste great while being the ideal choice for sub-ohm vaping. They are easier on your atomiser and have great vapour production.

All of the e-liquid that Marina Vapes produce contains 0mg of nicotine. This means that if you want nicotine in your vape you will need to add nicotine boosters to make the e-liquid up to your desired levels.

Check out the full range of Marina Vapes at Parcel Vape today and buy Marina Vapes e-liquid today to find out why they’ve been such a popular choice for the last few years.