Nasty Fix

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Since its establishment in 2015, Nasty Juice has acquired global fame due to its range of unique, exotic flavours and has thus become a household name amongst many Vapers in the UK. In fact, they have won more than 30 awards across Europe over the years which include ‘best fruit flavour’ & ‘best branding and marketing’.

Nasty Juice is continuously innovating new products for their consumers; ‘Nasty Fix’ being one of them. This popular all-in-one disposable vape offers convenience for its users due to its compact and light design. Nasty Fix Vapes allow for a no-hassle experience, all whilst maintaining a stylish & sleek design at an affordable price.

Their adjustable airflow system is really what sets them apart from other disposable vapes as it allows you to choose your desired setting and enjoy your ideal flavour intensity and throat hit. With a built-in 700 MAH battery, they allow for 675 puffs which each deliver huge mouthful clouds till the very end. If that’s not all, they are available in both 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths, so the experience is truly customisable.  

Due to their huge range of flavours, if you’re stuck for choice, why not try out their multi-award-winning ‘Asap Grape’ flavour? We’re sure you’ll love them all just as much as we do.