Salt Nicotine Liquids
(Nic Salts)

Whether you’re already an avid Vaper or you have just entered the intriguing world of Vaping, you most likely will have heard about Nicotine Salt E-liquid, or ‘Nic Salt’, as it’s more commonly referred to.

When compared to traditional E-liquids, Nic Salts allow for a faster nicotine satisfaction and a smooth throat hit. The nicotine hit from Nic Salts is designed to curb cravings for longer periods of time. Due to this, they have grown popular amongst people who are looking to kick their cigarette habit.

Nic Salts work with Vape starter kits and Vape pens which are really easy to use. Best of all, it is perfectly safe to mix Nic Salts; they’re formulated in a way in which they blend seamlessly. This enables you to create your own endless collection of unique flavour combinations!

At ParcelVape, we stock an impressive variety of top of the range Nic shots & Salts for you to choose from. All of our Nic Salts are carefully selected from top Vape brands, so you know that the products are consistent in their quality, taste and strength’s.

We stock all your favourite brands such as ‘Dinner Lady’, ‘Beyond’, ‘VG Salt’ and more in 10-20mg, 10ml bottles. Our low prices mean that you can try and test multiple Nic Salts, meaning you are bound to quickly discover your favourites. We also continuously look to grow our collection, so that you continuously receive the best of the most current products on the market.

You can browse through our huge range of flavours and nicotine strengths bellow.