Riot Squad E-Liquid

Riot Squad e-liquids and other products are manufactured and bottled in the UK. Their vaping products come in a variety of options including e-liquids, vape juices, and more. Popular lines include “Bang Juice”, Riot Salts, and various mentholated products. They are an award-winning vape juice company and salt company who has products available worldwide and online. With a focus on creativity and fun in vaping, you’ll be pleased with their fun, bright and creative vape juices and e-liquids, as well as their salts in both menthol and non-menthol.

“Bang Juice” comes in fun and unique flavors like Kiwi, while Riot Squad’s freebase nicotine shortfills line includes Ulta Peach Tea, Cherry Fizzle, Blue Burst, Pink Grenade, Yuzu, Rich Black Grape, Tropical Fury, Pure Frozen Acai, and many more. Riot Squad salts come in traditional flavors as well as 100% menthol “cold” tobacco; melon, a crisp menthol with honeydew undertones and a hint of blackcurrant; lemon cucumber, a refreshing and clean menthol; menthol ice, a strong and pure menthol flavor; and cherry, a cool and fruity flavor. No matter what your preference, Riot Squad has the perfect vaping product for you.

Non-menthol salt products come in many of the same flavors as the shortfill line, including options like Lemon Custard, Sublime, Rich Black Grape, Cream Leaf, Bubblegum, and Blue Burst.

Buy Riot Squad vape juice and salt line to try all the fun and innovative flavors in a variety of nicotine levels. See why this e-liquid brand is so popular and flies off the shelves.