Smoant is one of the leading vape companies in the market. They specialise in creating APVs (advanced personal vaporizers) for their loyal customers. Always innovating and inventing, Smoant are not satisfied until they have created the perfect product, both in look, usability, and vape experience.

Smoant see the vaping world as a community. Creating products for all levels and types of vapers, they know that not every avid vaper has the same needs or values. That’s why they have such a great range of products which cater to all different preferences. A safe, tar-free alternative to smoking, Smoant products offer a get-out option for those addicted to smoking and seeking a change. These incredible products have helped thousands around the world make the change from smoking to vaping.

With awesome Starter Kits available, Smoant are conscious of those who aren’t yet vaping experts. They want to be accessible to all, and Smoant Starter Kits achieve this by removing the elitist side of vaping. The Battlestar Baby and Taggerz Kit boast eye-catching colours and awesome, user-friendly designs; the Ladon Kit and Naboo Kit, among others, offer a more subtle look.

Smoant Pod Kits are user-friendly and feel amazing in your hand. With a unique design, you can’t find anything else like it on the market. Smoant also has an awesome range of rebuildables which look and feel awesome. The quality of Smoant products lies in their usability and, of course, the incomparable vape experience.