SMOK is a major vape brand that has been around since the very early days of vaping. During their time they have brought some very popular Smok mods, tanks, and kits to both the UK vaping market and to the overseas markets.

Founded in 2010, this Shenzen based company quickly rose to become one of the most popular e-cig and vaping brands out there. Even back in the earliest days of the business, they were renowned for innovation and brought out the first dual-coil cartomizer.

A very much respected brand, Smok still continue to thrive and innovate further. Their research and development team and continually working on new designs that will no doubt continue to change the face of vaping for the better.

Smok delivers a high tech experience that is second to none. Their design skills and ability to innovate have kept them ahead of the game and have ensured that they have always been a leading light in the vaping world and will continue to be.

With recognisable styling, the Smok vapes have their own unique look which further adds to their appeal.

Smok are used by over 80 million users across the planet, making them one of the most used, and most loved vaping brands. With so many people using Smok vapes, how could they all be wrong?

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