Vampire Vape

Vampire vape is one of the more popular brands of vape juice and e-liquid, and is growing more popular by the day. This is because they have some amazing flavors – 12 to be exact! These include a huge variety of pods, shortfills, and e-cigs in different MLs and flavor varieties.

Some of the many flavors Vampire Vape offers in their wide variety of styles:

Flavors include but aren’t limited to parma violets, watermelon, raspberry sorbet, crushed candy, spearmint, arctic fruit, and banoffee pie.

You can’t beat some of the wildly innovative and delicious shortfill flavors Vampire Vape offers, including cool blue slush, watermelon mojito, highland soda, blue cocktail, and all day grape.

Enjoy Vampire Vape’s easy to use pods, both pre-filled and replacement pods, in flavors like lemon pie, purple crush, and strawberry dot.

Featuring both pre-filled and e-cig starter kits, you can get your fix in a variety of cool taste profiles, like menthol, pinkman, and berry nice.

In addition to these e-liquid and vape juice products, Vampire Vape also offers tons of other cool nicotine-based and smoking accessory products, such as nicotine shots, DIY liquids, tanks, batteries and coils, starter kits for vapes of all types, and so much more.

Vampire Vape is one of the best brands out there for vaping, with innovative, fun flavors and cool accessories as well as top-quality vape juice in a variety of options. Buy Vampire Vape right here, today! We offer shortz, koncept, and more.