We already know that smoking while being pregnant is to be avoided by all costs. However, there are a lot of women who find it hard to quit and as a consequence they continue to smoke. There are organisations who advise that women should at least aim to reduce the number of cigarettes, if quitting is not an option. Should vaping be an alternative?

According to statistics presented at the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, half of the women who took part in a study reported e-cigarettes proved to be less harmful than regular cigarettes. However, e-cigarettes are not all free from nicotine, therefore the potential harm to the foetus is still present. Nicotine can lead to premature birth, abnormal weight on birth, and even increases the risk of stillbirth.

Unlike traditional cigarettes brands, at the moment e-cigarette manufacturers are not obliged to advertise potential pregnancy risks. And without clear warnings, many tend to believe e-cigarettes are completely harmless. E-cigarettes are relatively new and there are not enough long-term studies to confirm possible side effects. Despite this, it is very probable that these are less harmful than smoking. According to existing evidence, vaping carries only up to half of the risks associated with smoking. If using an e-cigarette during pregnancy helps you quit smoking, then vaping is definitely much safer for you and your child.

Switching from smoking to vaping, does not take away all risks. The best thing to do is address any concerns with a specialist doctor in a position to assess you and advice accordingly.