One of the oldest companies in vaping, Vaporesso is the real deal. Created in 2015 by SMOORE, its parent company, Vaporesso is at the top of its game, and has been since the beginning.

Vaporesso are fascinated by people and their vaping needs. They create products which are innovative, healthy, safe and beautiful. With the customers at the centre of their work, Vaporesso are leading the vaping kit market by inventing new ways to improve the vaping experience.On their website, Vaporesso state,

We know that these needs are different for everyone, so we strive to make products that can fit all types of vapers – whether you’ve just started vaping or have been doing it for years.

Vaporesso are truly the pioneers of accessible vaping. Whether vaping is a true passion of yours or a newly found alternative to smoking, their products are suitable for you. With a whole range of Vaporesso Pods and Vaporesso Kits to try, there’s nobody out there who can’t find a Vaporesso product for them!

There are four different innovative products available through Vaporesso. These are:

Omni Board: With a 0.001 second fire rate, omni board is the most advanced chip out there. Omni Board gives an amazingly rich flavour.
Axon Chip: With an innovative pulse mode, the axon chip gives you continuous hits on a beat, not just the initial one.
PTF System: The easiest, most straightforward system. Childproof and safe!
CCell Coil: A ceramic coil which produces dense flavour and heats quickly.