A long-term study aimed to investigate possible pulmonary damage on a group of non-smokers who used daily electronic cigarettes over the course of a few years, indicated no pulmonary damage was present, when comparing the results to those of non-vapers. The study was conducted by the well-known professor of Internal Medicine and director of the Centre for Tobacco Research Riccardo Polosa.

“No significant changes could be detected over the observation period from baseline in the EC users or between EC users and control subjects in any of the health outcomes investigated. Moreover, no pathological findings could be identified on HRCT of the lungs and no respiratory symptoms were consistently reported in the EC user group. Although it cannot be excluded that some harm may occur at later stages, this study did not demonstrate any health concerns associated with long-term use of EC in relatively young users who did not also smoke tobacco”, concluded the study.

This study is even more assuring as over the period od 3.5 years, no other changes were noted in lung injury, blood pressure, or heart rate in even the heaviest e-cigarette vapers. Although the research available is considered insufficient, currently it is safe to say that when examined over a relatively long period of time, vaping does not exhibit any massive threat to the body.