Although vaping is less harmful than smoking, quitting vaping can be a big step. Due to nicotine containing products, the nicotine addiction is still largely satisfied when you vape, while the body deals with some side effects of it. You may experience temporary symptoms associated to nicotine withdrawal such as: headaches, mood swings, increased appetite, sweating, tremor. After three days, these symptoms should peak as nicotine should be completely out of your system.

Just like when you stop smoking, quitting aping comes with a few benefits. In as little as 20 minutes, “your heart rate returns to normal, your blood pressure drops, and your circulation starts to normalise”, states Nikola Djordjevic, project manager of Med Alert Help. Your breathing might also improve while the airways will become clearer. According to Caleb Backe, certified expert for Maple Holistics “you should find that your breathing becomes less laboured and your airflow is clearer”.

After one day of quitting the risk of heart attack falls, thanks to the lowering of blood pressure and rising of the oxygen levels. According to Dr Djordjevic, after one month, lung will appear to be healthier than before.