Wick Liquor E-Liquid

Manufactured in Staffordshire in the United Kingdom, Wick Liquor e-liquid is a premium e-liquid with a unique flavour that is highly popular with vapers from all around the globe. The brand is known for producing tobacco, menthol and fruit blends formulated in high VG ratios.

There are three main types of blend available; fruit, candy, and dessert blends. Across these three flavour types, you’ll find a wide range of different options to provide the perfect vape that is exactly to your own tastes.

Try the Wick Liqour Boulevard with its Marid Gras fruit punch or the Wick Liquor Deja Voodoo with its coconut husk and sugar cane taste.

There are differing ratios available in all of the Wick Liqour Vape e-liquids. These include both a 50% VG as well as a higher VG with 80%. The 80% is an ideal choice for people wanting to use mouth to lung kits or for high-wattage sub ohm kits, tanks and mods. With such a high VG ratio, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth flavourful vape with plenty of vapour produced.

Wick Liquor e-liquids are available in a range of between 50ml and 150ml shortfills in the 80% VG and 10ml in the 50% VG. Wick Liquor Vape E-liquid has 0mg of nicotine. The shortfills leave enough space for you to add a shot of nicotine to make the liquid up to the desired strength.

Buy Wick Liqour Vape E-liquids today to enjoy the taste and feel of these amazing flavours.